AMG Grand Tournaments

To support the Grand Tournament series sponsored by Atomic Mass Games, Longshanks has created an event tag to help players find the tournaments and an award icon to honor the winners. You can read more about the Grand Tournament series here:

Event tag

We have created an event tag to help players find GTs. This tag gives GT events a home page here on Longshanks as well as a way to track player performance and faction statistics across all of the events.

AMG GT tag home page


AMG GT award image

Here on Longshanks, we have a tradition of marking high-profile events as "championships" and giving awards to the winners that appear on the player ranking page and their player profiles. This has been used for national and world championships, large convention events, and so on over the years.

You can read more about what kind of events qualify here, but the general rules are that a championship event must be well known, competitive, and large. These awards are usually reserved for events with at least 32 players.

The AMG Grand Tournaments seem like a perfect fit. We have created an award image that will be applied to the winner of any AMG GT with at least 32 players. In addition, these events are marked as "official" championships because the series is sponsored and organized by Atomic Mass Games.

What to do if you are hosting a GT

We want to have every GT event marked with the event tag and will add the award to each event that reaches 32 players. Longshanks staff will look for events to mark, but messages from the event organizers will help make sure we don't miss any.

If you are hosting or organizing an AMG Grand Tournament, check the GT tag page. Your event may already be marked. If it isn't, please contact us.

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